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Timeless design is built on intangible factors such as dreams and aspirations

We Design A Lifestyle

Truly great Architecture & Interiors transcends time & space


A 3 Storey IT Park located in the heart of Pakistan’s bustling metropolis, Karachi. Designed and being built with the mindset of educating and nourishing thousands of young minds, who will enter with a vision to dream and leave with the tools, ability and strength to master in the vast universe that is IT.


Systems Limited is Pakistan’s top IT global company with exemplary capabilities where interiors providing an atmosphere that sparks imagination, clean geometry and innovative ideas

MARJ Showroom

One of our most dynamic luxury showroom. Monochrome color palette, reflective surfaces, fair faced concrete & poured terrazzo flooring. Existing pillars illuminated as lighting elements, industrial ceilings and larger than life bespoke lighting rings

EMAAR Pakistan

EMAAR, a global sensation and an internationally renowned brand. Having had the pleasure of working on multiple projects with EMAAR, we designed their spaces keeping its grand aspirational design in mind doing justice to its highly reputable brand name

Fazli International

Fazli Internaional, a corporate office located in the heart of Dubai UAE. A prestigious upscale office space with dynamic design influences, bold curves and a monotone material palette.

H&S Real Estate - HMR

H&S Real Estate, the no. 1 real estate company of UAE has come to Pakistan. Bringing into play interior elements that highlight the high colosseum inspired ceilings, in the form of ceiling installations and exaggerated feature wallsemphasizing minimalism and harmony

FIB Lockton Pakistan

Fidelity Insurance brokers Pvt Ltd (FIB), official brand partners of the prestigious Lockton Dubai, is a multinational Insurance powerhouse. Designed with high end aesthetics and modern features, rich leather sofas, suspended TV Screens and a strong play of indirect lighting. A workplace that evokes luxury and modernism.


High-rise 19th storey building located in the central business disrict of Karachi. High ceilings, larger than life installations and extravagant feature walls. A palette of muted earthy tones paired with contemporary features


Emkay Lines Group, a vast shipping company with its prestigious head quarters. Taking inspiration from nature itself, the aesthetics a marriage of contemporary and Balinese, nestling the office in water body features, floating podiums and panoramic glass views

L’avenue Salon & Spa

Mid century meets modern, this salon is a marriage of rich Parisian influences and contemporary characteristics. Creating a deep rooted fantasy in an otherwise ethereal space.

SOHO Salon & Spa

A minimalistic canvas with raw and rustic details. Japandi aesthetics combined with contemporary features and elements from nature.