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Irtiqa Hassan


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Design. Detail. Luxury

A timeless design is built on intangible factors such as dreams and inspirations

Our design philosophy is to tell stories through our spaces

Irtiqa Hassan Inc (IHI) is a high-end Architecture, Interior Design and Furniture firm, where Interiors and Architecture embody the Art of Storytelling. Truly great Architecture and Interiors is not controlled by catchphrases of the times. It transcends time and space. It is about design that is both modern and classic, it is about design that is exclusive,
where function meets art in a space that is purely timeless.

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I believe that Interior Design and Architecture are like storytelling. Having had a passion for literature and writing as a child, I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to tell stories through my spaces. Design is a language that speaks to the heart and the soul, transcending borders and cultures in a way that creates a sense of connection between the mind and the built environment. By using my knowledge as an Interior Architect, skills as an Artist, and exposure as a traveller, I aspire to bring about an evolution in the field of design.


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The Interior Designers at IHI offer a highly personalised bespoke service tailored to each of our client’s needs, delivering an end to end service, from consultation to turn-key to Interior Styling.


Having sought the pleasure of working with some of the prestigious clients in the industry including Emaar, Saylani and international projects in Dubai, we intend to raise the bar, sketching one place at a time. In chorus with its commercial partners, we have a diverse portfolio in retail, hospitality and corporate projects.


Sensory Architecture can transform the interaction between people and the built environment into something even deeper

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Our focus rests on enduring design, conscious craftsmanship, and a commitment to environmental well-being.