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Timeless design is built on intangible factors such as dreams and aspirations

We Design A Lifestyle

Truly great Architecture & Interiors transcends time & space


A growing affinity of Romanticism in architecture, coupled with a sentiment for exotic, Villa 94 focuses on an Architectural language that evokes a sense of the distant past, back to a period of greatness and strength, all the while boasting a Modern Day interpretation.

Islamabad Hills

A prestigious high end residence project in the capital of Pakistan. Islamabad Hills focuses on an Architectural language that evokes

The Floating Deck

The concept of free spirited architecture, inspired by modernism, playing with an assymetric composition while paying homage to the existing deep rooted tree in the space. A rustic metal swing, rustic stone textures with panoramic glass windows.

Golf Views Haven

Modern architecture concept is built within the social artistic and cultural attitude known as Modernism with all white façade, fences and big glass windows facing the golf views embracing simplicitiy, minimalism and rejecting unnecessary ornamentation.

The Rubiks

Architecture language inspired by the Rubik’s cube known as a puzzle cube depicting its unique characteristics drawing attention at its features, combinations and symmetry. Creating a rotating illusion for anyone passing by.

Le Noir Villa

Black is a color with a very special presence in architecture differentiating it from the neighoring buildings, impossible to ignore the bold exterior and also tying it with a sense of sophistication, reflective surfaces and notable high end appearance. A cantilivered projection adding a dynamic quality to the color palette.

The 14th Lane

Modern architecture designs depicting a slanted roof, textured boundaries and wood details. Coming altogether to begin to feel at home with its warmth and familiarity